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The Full Tilt saga

After more than one year of equivocation, it seems that the end is near for the Full Tilt saga.

Indeed official rumors have been circulating for a few days indicating that the site will be back online before the end of the year, probably next month.

Pokerstars the new owner of FT poker is actively recruiting key staff in preparation for the relaunch. All pundits are waiting for that day to see if the site can regain its former glory. But this should be an uphill battle.

On one hand thousands if not millions of players have been unable to access their cash balance for more than one year. It is expected that once they get their money back (normally in the next few weeks), many will take their cash and run. Just because they have been upset with the Full Tilt fiasco for such a long time, waiting for this moment. But others may choose to stay if the traffic is reasonable.

The positive aspect is that Full Tilt will be run by pokerstars, and as the current global leader of online poker they have demonstrated that when it comes to deliver and please their players, there are second to none. So some players may think that the new Full Tilt will be well managed as far as players’ balances are concerned, and decide to stay. Given that pokerstars was able to convince the US Department of Justice to take the company over, despite being indicted themselves, this is a big confidence boost for the public, no doubt.

And new players may deposit too, simply because now there is practically no risk at all for their poker bankroll to get in some sort of trouble. After all pokerstars reimbursed all their US players just a few weeks after Black Friday.

Two of the unique features at Full Tilt were their software and their pro team. Regarding the former, it is still one of the best online poker software on the market, so reintroducing it as such will be a major attraction. In respect to the pros, pokerstars will probably not renew any contract, but they may decide to rehire a few of them. And some high stake players may want to sit at some of the nosebleed tables, just for the nostalgia of it.

The Full Tilt saga is almost over but not yet. Keep posted as this story will keep on filling the gossip columns to the foreseeable future.

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