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Hall of fame for Jennifer Harman

The process that would select appropriate women that are associated with poker for the Women in Poker Hall of Fame began in April 2010. The completion of the selections has come and now there will be three women that were inducted into the Hall of Fame. A glamorous ceremony was held at the Golden Nugget Casino for the women being inducted on September 3.

Billie Brown (deceased) is the first of the women inductees and she is being awarded this honor posthumously. Billie Brown might be unknown to the young crowds of poker today however in the 1980’s she pioneered the marketing of poker tournaments in Las Vegas. Billie Brown created the concept of a guaranteed prize pool and also created the California State Ladies Poker Championship.

The second player to be inducted will be Kathy Liebert. Kathy is well known in poker circles around the world however she wouldn’t exactly fit into the category of “poker babes”. With tournaments winnings of above 5.7 Million Kathy has won more than any other woman. Her record includes 7 World Poker Tour final tables, 1 World Poker Tour win, 1 World Series of Poker bracelet, and she was the first woman to ever win one million dollars in a single tournament.

Jennifer Harman is the third inductee and unlike Kathy Jennifer Harman can be considered a definite poker babe.

Jennifer Harman’s poker achievements include 2 World Series of Poker bracelets, 3 World Poker Tour final tables, and 2.6 Million in tournament winnings. Jennifer Harman regularly participates in some of the biggest high-stakes live cash games in Vegas, and she wins. What the poker fans love about Jennifer Harman is her acts that solidify her as a poker babe. Jennifer Harman most recently flashed some cleavage to get into the World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions and she did not disappoint with her performance by cashing in the event.

Jennifer Harman’s regular Twitter messages haven’t revealed any reaction to the cleavage flashing news. Her most recent message on Aug 3 stated ““Hanging out in Italy with the husband, a lot of beach time.” After the news of being inducted into the hall of fame Jennifer Harman deserves some privacy and rest. The congratulating can begin when Jennifer Harman arrives back from her vacation well rested and tanned.

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Hello world!

Good morning and this blog edelamerica.com is just getting started today.

This is a blog about all good things American, in particular from Nevada and Las Vegas. After all, why work a lot and sweat a lot if this is not for paving the way for our entertainment time. And there is hardly a better place in America for entertainment than Las Vegas.

It is not just gambling, casinos and Baccarat that you can find in the Sin City. There are many other attractions, such as beautiful luxury hotels and swimming pools, many shows including singers, dancers, magicians, stand up comedians, circus, and other original artistic creations.

For gastronomy, the wealth at Las Vegas is attracting top chefs from over the world who offer their magnificent cuisine to high rollers and more common people too. As you can always find good bargains or perks from the casinos who use that as a way to reward their most loyal players.

In Las Vegas there are many organized events and conferences attracting thousands of participants. Or course the most prestigious gathering is the World Series of Poker event that takes place every year in June. The total prize pool is in the hundreds of millions of dollars. But there is a multitude of other less well known conferences, in Internet technology, gaming, hotel business, traveling and many more. And they have a lot of sporting events such as boxing matches. So whatever your line of business, you will always find a reason to go to Las Vegas. You should at least go visit once before your die.

I forgot another reason to visit, and there is no better way to explain it than the movie “The Hangover”. Simply the place to have the time of a lifetime before you get married. Las Vegas is probably the city the most filmed in movies after New York City by the way, so it shows that there is always a lot going on there.

So why not share the fun. Come and visit the Sin City today.

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