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Tips for Renovating Your Kitchen

kitchen-renovationThinking of revamping a rustic kitchen? Here are 7 tips to modernize it.

Your old oak kitchen is totally outdated and you do not want to undertake heavy work to change it? Follow this guide for an express makeover. Do you see your 80s oak kitchen? It is time to react!

The kitchen is a living space for the whole family and it is important to feel good there. But rest assured, no need to invest a colossal amount to change it! Indeed, all you need is a good coat of paint to give a new life to your rustic kitchen, all at a lower cost!

How to revamp a rustic oak kitchen? How to transform a rustic kitchen into a modern kitchen? How to modernize a rustic kitchen without changing it? Rustic kitchens are completely old-fashioned today, but we have to admit that oak remains a quality material nonetheless. Indeed, solid and durable over time, these wooden kitchens that impose some still offer certain advantages. This is why it is better not to part with it, but rather to offer your kitchen a good makeover to rejuvenate it!

A full kitchen renovation can be costly and create a lot of disturbance. A big renovation may create a lot of construction debris, junk and old apparels and furniture to discard. You my even have to rent a dumpster to remove all this mess. And of course the budget is to take into consideration as well. Therefore it is often more logical to do a simpler kitchen renovation following the steps we list below.

Below we list 7 steps for an express makeover of a rustic cuisine. To effectively renovate your rustic kitchen, we apply the home staging technique. An economic operation which consists in renovating by touching only the decoration rather than undertaking heavy work.

1. Prepare the kitchen for its renovation

After emptying the cupboards and drawers, it’s time to prepare your kitchen for a makeover. Clean the furniture: use a mixture of a little detergent and lukewarm water to clean the cupboards and drawers. Dismantle furniture: remove drawers, cupboard doors and handles. Sand the furniture and dust it

2. Paint the furniture to remove the rustic effect

Use special paint for kitchen furniture to paint the wood and remove the rustic effect. Paint all of the furniture the same color for a nice look. Also paint the oak table and chairs and other rustic furniture in the room. The before/after the makeover of a rustic kitchen should be stunning.

3. Modernize the handles of doors and drawers

The knobs and handles that accompany the oak drawers and cupboards are nothing modern. Go to your favorite furniture store or DIY store to buy new ones!

4. Paint the credenza

The floral patterns on the tiling of your credenza no longer have a place in this kitchen! To give it a makeover, don’t hesitate to paint it with a special tile paint. Take the time to choose the right color by going to DIY stores.

5. Replace the sink

The sinks that accompany rustic kitchens are definitely too old to be kept in the event of a makeover. Your best option is to change it to a more modern one.

6. Lay out a new work plan

The worktop is undeniably the central element of the kitchen, both visually but also for the preparation of meals. To bring a real modern touch, changing this element is essential. Now there are many different models and material effects for a worktop: wood, quartz, granite worktops, etc. You choose !

7. Refreshing the floor and walls

It is not enough to pamper the kitchen furniture to modernize it, you have to take into account the room as a whole. Refresh your walls with a good coat of paint and change your floor if necessary.

Wednesday, March 18th, 2020 real estate