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The rise of mobile gaming

Mobile phones, iphones and all sorts of smart phones are now becoming as popular as tattoos, even though they were rarely seen a few years ago. Now they are all over the place, I mean the smart phones, and the tattoos too by the way. This is a true revolution for how people communicate and behave socially and one industry that is shaken by it is online gaming. Yes online gambling was a revolution from brick and mortar casino entertainment, and now the new wave is mobile gambling.

So if you like to play blackjack online or online roulette or many other fun games, then now you can play them almost anywhere as long as you get a signal to your iphone or mobile device. In other words in most urban areas in the developed world and in some in developing countries too. Most airports have free wifi, so even if you are traveling in some remote areas of the world such as the Tonga Islands for example (recommended by the way), then chances are you will be able to play a few hands against the blackjack dealer at some point during your trip and hit a few twenty-ones.

This is still a revolution in progress so do not expect to get all the convenience for playing games that you are used to from your computer. First of all there are less games available. Most online casinos offer ten to twenty games for now as they are working on developing these applications. Roulette, Blackjack as well as some slot machines are the games first offered. Also note that UK online casinos are ahead of the game compared to US online casinos as the latter are struggling with the difficulties of running their business stemming from the infamous UIGEA anti-gambling law.

Online poker rooms also offer a mobile format, but if you are serious about the game of Texas Hold’em, use this sparingly for the entertainment value only. First of all you cannot multi-table and most serious players do. Also you will probably get distracted when you are using your smart phone on the road, and poker requires concentration. But for all other casino games, this will be a lot of fun. So try mobile gambling today.

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